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EASE Presentations at the XXVI OMEP Congress, Gothenburg, 11th-13th of August 2010

Fourth Transnational Meeting:

Gothenburg, 13th-14th August, 2010
Easing the Transition in Europe


Jun 30, 2010: Erzbischöfliches Berufskolleg Köln, Germany - Flyer
Mar 10, 2010: Berufskolleg für Ernährung, Sozialwesen und Technik, Geilenkirchen, Germany - Flyer
Mar 8 & 9, 2010: St.-Ursula-Berufskolleg, Duesseldorf, Germany - Flyer
Feb 4, 2010: Berufskolleg Ehrenfeld, Germany - Flyer
Dec 2, 2009: Berufskolleg Troisdorf, Germany - Flyer
Sep 16, 2009: Erzbischöfliches Berufskolleg Köln - Flyer
Jun 15, 2009: Berufskolleg Troisdorf, Germany - Flyer
Mar 12 & 13, 2009: St. Ursula-Berufskolleg, Düsseldorf, Germany - Flyer
Feb 26, 2009: St. Ursula-Berufskolleg, Düsseldorf, Germany - Flyer: Front/Back

Third transnational meeting:

Budapest, 14th-15th of January, 2010
Presentation of implemented curricula and evaluation of outcomes

Second transnational meeting:

Thessaloniki, Greece, 7th-8th of May, 2009
Development of units for the Educational Transition curriculum

First transnational meeting:

Copenhagen, Denmark, 9th-10th of October, 2008
Development of a detailed workplan and approaches, methodologies and evaluation strategy.

Dissemination Congresses:

16th of May, Athens, Greece
22th-23th of May, Crete, Greece - see also the available paper in the Documentation section
26th-27th of May, Bonn, Germany - Presentation (PDF)
30th of May, Thessaloniki, Greece
08th of September, Cologne, Germany: Stakeholder Meeting - Presentation (PowerPoint)