Project Documentation

In here, you will find documents of the official documentation for the EASE project. They are available as PDF for which to read you will need the Adobe Reader.

EASE Certificate Guideline: "Kooperative Übergangsgestaltung von der Kindertagesstätte in die Grundschule - EASE Early Years Transition Programme"

General EASE flyer:

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EASE Interim Report 2009

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Situation of the transition in the Partner Countries

Documents are German

  • Transitionssituation I - EASE Partner mit Zusatzqualifikationskursen in der Grundausbildung für Erzieher/innen und Grundschullehrer/innen
  • Transitionssituation II - EASE Partner mit Zusatzqualifikationskursen für berufstätige Erzieher/innen und Grundschullehrer/innen

EASE Course Descriptions

Joint initial and in-service training courses for ECEC and Grade 1 teachers who are interested in improving their professional skills by acquiring additional qualifications in the areas of Early Literacy and Educational Transitions.

EASE Internal Evaluation Tool

A questionnaire will be administered to the main four target groups, parents, educators and primary school teachers. The aim is to clarify the perceptions of the target groups regarding successful transition practices. The questions are open-ended allowing the target groups to express their ideas freely. The questionnaire will be administered twice, at the beginning and at the end of the project in order to find out how perceptions may have changed.

EASE Adaptation of the learning-story approach (M.Carr)

The EASE Adaptation of the learning-story approach is used to evaluate children's progress in language and early literacy. The children are involved in progressively more complex patterns of reciprocal activity and are challenged by gradual shifts in the balance of power from the teacher to the learner. These shifts reflect children's growing ability to set their own goals, assess their own achievements, and take on responsibility for their learning.

EASE Goals - EASE bookmarks for self-printing

Paper "Coeducation of preschool and primary school teachers as a basic factor in ensuring continuity in the transition from preschool to primary school: The approach of the School of Education at the University of Western Macedonia in the framework of the Comenius project "Early Years Transition Programme" (EASE)" - download here

Overview of the national organisation of early education and early primary services